We are specialists in making dreams come true

We enjoy it so much that the bride and groom can do it themselves by preparing these special trips. We try to think as you would do and we put ourselves in your shoes when it comes to planning them. From the moment we receive a new request and meet the couple, until you return from your trip, we are there with you for any questions or needs you may have

We are very interested in your experience.

Our aim is to make "this" trip UNIQUE and much more than just a honeymoon. We set ourselves a goal and we bet with a visionary attitude, in a sector where service, quality and commitment were absent.


To serve the travel and tourism services market with a high degree of excellence, fully meeting customer expectations, differentiating ourselves from the competition, adding tangible value in the supply of products and services, through an integrated, skilled and productive organization.


To achieve excellence in customer service, in a collaborative environment and focusing on People above all other interests. We are a company with an ever-young spirit, constantly evolving, anticipating and planning for the future, in order to meet the expectations placed in us by the generations that are already here.

It is important to emphasise that, for doing all this, we have the best tool that any self-respecting travel agency can offer: the human factor, which is undoubtedly the soul of any company. We are a group of people with the right profile and sufficient capacity to develop this type of trips and that is why we want to introduce ourselves to you so that, before the trip, you can know us a little better.